Dear WSWCF members, friends, supporters and street workout fans all over the world,

In 2013 we have made our first global step organizing the Street Workout World Cup 2013 in almost all parts of the world. We still have one stage left in Zagreb on 19th of October and Super final in Moscow on 30th of November.
This summer we organized Street Workout World Championship 2013 with participants from 30 countries. It was 3 times more than two years ago. And this is just the beginning.
Next year we will continue our global work organizing:

1) Street Workout World Cup 2014 with new stage in South Africa and we are planning to change rules and bring better concept of competition to satisfy all the different styles of street workout. In future our priority is to cover all continents of the world with stages to give possibility to compete for World Cup in all parts of the world.

2) Street Workout World Championship 2014 with participants from 40 countries.

3)First ever Street Workout World Championship for the ladies.

4) First ever online World Championship in street workout power and strength category where everyone from all over the world will be able to participate regardless of physical location. This will be a World Championship for those who love basic street workout moves.

5) First street workout competition in summer X-Games stage.

6) “World Pull-Up Day”. It will be the largest global pull-up competition taking place at the same time in all parts of the world and also a charity event to collect money for different charity projects.

7) Together with our members we are planning to work on social projects in different parts of the world – building parks, making street workout manuals in different languages and also for people with special needs. Also we are planning to visit more countries where street workout is undeveloped and help to develop and expand the movement there.

8) Work with national and international sports authorities to create national street workout sports federations and recognize street workout as official type of sport globally.
Future plans include also national team competitions, different online challenges and a lot more.

We are really thankful to all organizations and people who support us, help us and work with us. We have created a great international team and this is our only key of success. We also want to remind that we are always open for new members no matter are you just a small team or a big organization. Only together we can make our sport / lifestyle grow worldwide, and only together we can make this world a better place to live.
We kindly ask you to share this information with others.

One bar, one love and respect all over the world