WSWCF World Record 50kg weighted dips 25 reps

On November 12, 2022, 20 year old Christos Kodra became a World Record holder of the World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation. Christos successfully completed 25 reps of “50 kg Weighted Dips.” According to the rules for weighted dips, the body is completely straight, no bent legs, arms straight and fully locked.  The exercise starts with all body parts fully straight; the body goes straight to the down until the  arms get to at least a 90 degree angle at the elbows; reps are counted until good form is lost. 

Christos has  been doing gymnastics ,calisthenics, and bodybuilding for 5 years. His goal is to continue training, doing what he loves, staying focused, never giving up, and aiming to fulfill greater goals. 

The attempt occurred in Athens, Greece at the Calisthenics Marathon 2022 sponsored by “School of Calisthenics.” Judges Aggelos Skretas, WSWCF member, and Kyriakos Xnt, Calisthenics Instructor, witnessed the World Record attempt.  The “WSWCF World Records Board” certifies the attempt as a WSWCF World Record. 

This World Record becomes the “50kg Weighted Dips” benchmark for others to challenge and beat.  We encourage all calisthenics athletes with ambitions, dedication, a passion for the sport, and achieving high goals to review the WSWCF World Record categories (static, dynamic, and weighted) and apply for a World Record attempt if you have what it takes to become a World Record Holder.  


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For more information on WSWCF and the application process go to Becoming an Official WSWCF Calisthenics World Record Holder