WSWCF World Record single weighted dip 140kg


On December 14th, 2020, Rafał Krawczyk made history becoming the first calisthenics athlete to become a World Record holder of the World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation. Rafal successfully completed a single weighted dip with a load of 140 kg.  According to the rules for a weighted dip, the body must start completely straight (no bend legs), arms straight and fully locked (all body parts fully straight). 

The body then goes straight to the ground until the arms make a 90-degree angle or lower at the elbow.  The attempt occurred at the Body Challenge Centrum Kalisteniki Gym in Opole Poland.  Judges Jarosław Bulla, Owner and Coach of Body Challenge, and Daniel Atanasov, Director of the WSWCF World Records Board, witnessed and certified the attempt as successfully completed.


This WSWCF World Record becomes the “single weighted dip” benchmark for others to challenge and beat.  We encourage all calisthenics athletes with ambitions, dedication, a passion for the sport, achieving high goals to review the WSWCF World Record categories (static, dynamic, and weighted) and apply for a World Record attempt if you have what it takes to become a World Record Holder.


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For more information on WSWCF and the application process go to Becoming an Official WSWCF Calisthenics World Record Holder