On September 4th and 5th, 2021 World Freestyle, Power and Strength Championships will take place at Luzhniki Stadium, in Moscow, Russia. This year’s event will feature with Moscow sports ministry.
Moreover, food and accommodations will be provided for the first 80 registered participants only.
All athletes must be the champions of their countries and they have to be presented to us via Official member of the federation in their respective countries. Contrarily, if live national championships can’t be held due to any particular reason (such as Covid-19 or etc.), the organizers can alternatively switch it to Online national championships.
It should be noted that due to the short period of selection, the world federation and its official members have the right to appoint any athletes who they think he/she will represent their nation the best, without having them to compete in national championships.
However if there are no members found in any country, the athletes can write us directly and request for further guidance.
We are taking this opportunity to inform you that as a consequence of pandemic (COVID-19), the world championship this year (2020), will be based on the Absolute Category Only. Therefore, All (Freestyle, Strength and Power) categories will be conducted in An Absolute category and
Each country can have up to 10 athletes in the world championship just like the chart below.
2 Male athletes Freestyle
2 Female athletes Freestyle
2 Male athletes Strength
2 Female athletes Strength
2 Male athletes Power
With attention, after athletes are finalized, they have to send their confirmed flight tickets to the coordinator, then only their accommodations can be booked.
Important to notice, in spite of the current Pandemic, it is better not to waste a flight ticket. Hence, it is highly recommended to book/buy a Refundable flight ticket or a flight ticket which the Airline deducts very less (i.e 10%-15% Max) from the ticket price upon the cancellation.
The same thing with flight tickets goes with the insurance. It will be better to get an insurance which doesn’t charge you if you don’t happen to travel.
In regard of the visa, the Moscow sports ministry will provide the selected participants with a telex code which later on you can visit the Russian embassy where you would like to get the visa from , and your visa can be attained within 24-48 hrs. Please be noted that express fees may apply.
Please be notified, that participants from any countries must be presented to the world federation by latest Sunday 9th of August, 2021 (In three days).
However if we don’t hear from you, The World Federation will reserve the right to select the national championship on its own.
We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation and we apologize for any inconvenience such as short notifications, sudden changes, or any other things which may be caused to you along this period.
Important to realize that we are expecting you to understand how risky and unexpected this world championship can turn out to be, due to the pandemic.
On the other hand, we believe having a world championship and bringing back the community together once again after two years it’s better than having No event at all.
Again, we hope that these activities do not inconvenience anyone in any way. We really appreciate your understanding.
If you would like further information please contact the official coordinator of the world championship Bahador Razaghi
Instagram: @bahidor


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