SWWC 2013 Judges

The vote for Street Workout World Championship judge panel is officialy over.

Judges were selected by member organisations of the Federation. Each organisation had a chance to nominate four candidates from street workout community that were duly qualified to assess international competitions. Judges were chosen for their verifiable contribution to our sport, not only popularity or achievements. All together 13 organizations nominated and voted for 26 candidates.

Four judges were selected by member organisations of federation.  One independent judge will be appointed by the Federation and will become the chairman of the panel of judges. He will be announced right before the championship.

The results of the judge nominations have been summarized and we are presenting the official judge panel of SWWC2013.

As stated in Street Workout 3rd World Championship 2013 Regulations,  Federation invites the following persons to judge SWWC 2013 by covering their travel expenses (the lowest-cost travel ticket) and accommodation costs (accommodation venue will be provided by the Federation), but the Federation will not pay them remuneration for judging and will not satisfy any of their additional demands. If any of the invited judges refuses to judge the SWWC 2013 the Federation will automatically invite next-in-row top candidate from the consolidated list of judges.

The full version of  Street Workout 3rd World Championship 2013 Regulations can be found in our homepage:


7 votes for Zef Zakaveli (Bar-Barians)

6 votes for Denis Minin (Street Workout Ukraine)
5 votes for Dr. G  (Bartendaz)
5 votes for Alexander Borisov  (Workout Chelyabinsk) 

4 votes for Māris Slēziņš  (WSWCF)
4 votes for Lasse Tufte (Norwegian Street Workout Association)
3 votes for Eduard Checo (Barstarzz)
3 votes for Evgeniy Kocherga (Street Workout Ukraine)
3 votes for Ievgen Kozyr (Bar Stylers Ukraine)

2 votes for Emiel (Bar-Monsterz)
2 votes for B. Rain Bennett  (Independent film director, bar athlete)
2 votes for Denis Ratano  (Baristi Workout)

1 vote for Toni Skelin
1 vote for Michael Haggstrom (Barstarzz Sweeden)
1 vote for Pavle Djurdevic (Bar Legion)
1 vote for Bobby Lee (Street Workout Taiwan)
1 vote for Lee Wade Turner (Bar-Barians UK)
1 vote for Alejandro Romero (BarzFly)
1 vote for Kevin Soler (Street Workout 83)
1 vote for Lazar Novovic (Bar Brothers)
1 vote for John Thijm (Bar-Monsterz)
1 vote for Hit Richards (Calisthenic Kingz)
1 vote for Hannibal For King
1 vote for Luis Rodriguez (Pull Up Portugal)
1 vote for Terrol Lewis (BlockWorkout)
1 vote for Iborn (Ruff Ryders)