Dear WSWCF members and friends. WSWCF stands for peace not war. We are completely against any aggression by one country to another. Recent Russia/Ukraine conflict is an absolute disaster. We, the WSWCF want to express our will to help those athletes, who have been impacted by this war. Our proposal is very simple.

(1) For athletes/members, who have been impacted – please write to us your concerns and necessary help to e-mail, so we can try to arrange collection of money from our community members and friends. (2) For those members and friends of our community, who wish to help – we will provide bank account number, so if you want to help, please also write us to our e-mail and we will contact you in case anyone needs your help. Please note that we will collect money only for humanitarian purpose, not war!

Lets stay as a strong community and help each other when it is necessary the most. We are all brothers and sisters in this sport, no matter in which country we live. #peacenotwar