Officially certified Street Workout & Calisthenics equipment of Proludic


World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation is delighted to state that we have officially certified Street workout & Calisthenics equipment of Proludic SAS, a French company. Proludic is currently one of the largest outdoor equipment manufacturers in the World. During our partnership project 2020-2022, we have elaborated a completely new street workout equipment prototype and modules, which are to be included in the 2022 catalogue of Proludic. Those cover not only equipment for standard and professional gyms, but also for the mixed-gender, multi-generational and inclusive target group. Therefore, irrespective of gender, age or disability, no matter what society group you are, street workout equipment manufactured by Proludic is suitable for every person.

During our partnership, our team, represented by WSWCF Vice-president Mr Rolands Kikors, and such WSWCF experts/judges as Sergejs Kostilevs, Sintija Tiruma and Aleksandrs Ivasko went to France in order to test two already built prototypes in Tours and Vouvray regions, as well as visited Proludic’s main factory and headquarters. Proludic is already the second brand that WSWCF has been cooperating with to establish a completely new street workout branding line. WSWCF thanks Proludic and its team for the successful partnership, especially Mr Philippe Le Poupon, Marketing Director of Proludic Group.

If you are an outdoor or indoor equipment manufacturer and if you want your equipment to be certified for the use in street workout & calisthenics, WSWCF welcomes your company to be certified and to be officially covered by the standards of the WSWCF.