Name change of the federation

To All Members and Supporters of the Federation

First of all the Federation wants to thank you all for your continuous involvement and support of the activities of the Federation. With your help and support just in few years the street workout movement has become popular all around the world with millions of active athletes and followers. There are regular national and international competitions
being organized around the planet. Information about street workout, video tutorials, reports, broadcasts are widely available on intemet, as well as on local and international TV channels. But this is only the beginning. The Federation aims to work furlher and harder and its future plans are limitless. The Federation will start a tradition of annual World Cups already this year. The Federation will do everlthing possible to include street workout in the largest international sports competitions (such as Summer X Games and the Olympic Games).
The principal goal underlying all activities ol the Federation is to promote street workout worldwide and to unite its followers arorurd the globe. The Federation believes and has already proven by itself that together people can do great things and things that others consider as being impossible. The success of street workout comes f’rom friendship and unity. It does not matter whether it is practiced in the south or nor1h, in a specifically designed sporls ground, city park, forest or at beach – the basics remain the same. It also does not matter how it is called street workout, ghetto workout, calisthenics, street fitness or otherwise – the training principles are the same all around the world.
With this philosophy in mind the Federation has upgraded its name to “World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation”. The new name will more precisely reflect the unification and integration aspect, leaving no room for various interpretations. “Street workout” is the name which is mostly used in Europe and CIS countries, while in U.S. and other countries the same activity is known as “calisthenics”. This creates confusion and misinterpretation among people and thus impedes the development ol the whole sport. The Federation hopes that the name change will preclude the possibility of
separation ofthe sport by geographical locations.
Apart from the Federation’s name change there will be no other substantial changes. The Federation will continue all its activities as planned. The Federation still plans to use the name “street workout” as the formal name for all official competitions. The members of the Federation will receive updated membership cerlificates reflecting the new Federation’s name.