Interview with Marc Törngren before the World Street Workout Championship 2014 in Moscow

Athlete Information:
Name: Marc Törngren
Age: 25
Country: Sweden
Facebook: Marc (Barmafia) Törngren
Instagram: Markybarmafia

What is your daily routine?
Train myself and others

Tell us something about your experience?
My experience so far in Street worikout is that we are all one, It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, you are always welcome. One bar, one love.

Do you prefer to work in a team or individually?
Team, cause I love my barfamily and we push each other beyond our limits.

What’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you since you start doing street workout?
The strangest thing and the most awkward moments are when I hit the gym , people tend to stare and come up to me when i do my exercises. I love to talk about streetworkout with new people but im a bit uncomfortable with the staring.

What has been one of your greatest accomplishments as a bar athlete?
At the first Swedish barstarzz tournament I shared first place after practicing streetworkout for only five months and then I managed to win the Swedish champs aswell.

What’s your most memorable moment?
Winning the barstarzz tournament and meeting the Kavadlo brothers at the first PCC course that held in Sweden.

Do you have any rituals or a mantra that you use to pump yourself up before a competition?
No but my team mate, Raman, always boost my confidence and trying to get me hyped before I go up there.

How do you mentally prepare yourself to do such complicated routines before you compete?
Nothing fancy but I always stay positive and try to have fun.

Do you think Street Workout should be an Olympic sport and if so why?
I think in the future Street workout should be, but for now the sport is still tyoung, and needs more time to grow and develop.

What do you expect from World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation in future?
To keep making awesome tournaments and to keep spreading the word about street workout.

What was the first thought in your mind when you qualified to Street Workout World Championship to represent your country?
This year rules are split in categories and in order to win World Championship you must be perfect in static, dynamic and mixed elements. How do you perceive these changes in rules?

This Street Workout World Championship will bring together national champions from 65 different countries. How would you rate your chances to become a world champion?
I have no idea, my goal is to go there and meet new people, learn as much as I can and do my best and see how far that will take me. I have no idea what im going up against.

What’s next for (athlete name)? Competitions? Hard Moves?
Keep spreading the word with my team, Barmafia. The next move is to go on a summer tour in Sweden with my team.

Any advices for someone who wants or his goal is to compete on Street Workout World Championship?
Work hard, there are no short cuts. There is a saying ‘hurry slow’. Don’t forget to respect your level and don’t compare yourself to others. Be you and find your strength, but don’t forget to work on your weaknesses, don’t lose the basics cause you will need it for stamina and endurance and try to be as “all around” as possible.

What can you say to all the participants before the championship? 
Good luck and have fun! Chase the dream and not he competition.