Interview with Makar Zubkov

Interview with the coordinator of the WSWCF, member of WSWCF international advisory board and leader of Street Workout Estonia – Makar Zubkov.

1. Tell us how you started doing street workout.

I guess it was inevitable!
After a long journey in different sports and after trying many activeties I decided to do Breake Dance. Immidiatly I falt the lack of General Fisical Training and ,as result, I couldn’t execute strong,power moves properly. Couple of my friends gave me some advices,so I started with pull ups. Untill the age of fourteen I got a pull up bar in my house ,but , to be honest with you , pull ups was the exersize I hate the most! It was torture to me! But I forced myself day after day and tortured my body over and over. And , finally , after two months I felt like I got pleasure from it. Later I saw the Bartendaz video with GIANT,he maked it happen so smooth , nice and easy , so I thought – “Some day I’ll do the same.” During two months I dedicated myself to pull ups only and , only after , I began to try other elements like muscle up’s and e.t.c. That’s my story.

2. When you came to the World Street Workout Championship 2012 in Riga, you were definitely 10 times stronger and better than in 2011. How did you achieve such a result?

WSWC 2011 took a plase like a big stress to me,’cause I felt, that I was the most weakest and showed worst results among all . Everyone shaked my hand saying -“Well done! You’re a strong man!” But I knew it wasn’t true.
I said to myself , that never no more I will appear in that kind of situation.When my hands were tight,there’s only one thing was enought to me to run and train like hell, is to watch my video from WSWC 2011. I reviewed and I realised , that all simply do the same things, but in a diffrent order. Thats why I’ve started to try something new , something , that was never showed before. As the result I had my freestyle on WSWC 2012,which I don’t regret,nevermind some mistakes in second round.

3. Do you use any nutrition supplements?

Lot of people ask me that question. No , I don’t use any of nutrition supplements.I Try to fill my diet with natural products, as many, as possible. Also my family buy natural eggs and milk from a farm.

4. What do you think about healthy life style and what are your borders in that regard?

I don’t overreact. I treat people who smoke or drink,normally.Before I’ve sarted to do Workout I tryied to smoke and to drink also,but , of course not in a daily bases.Nowdays, I sometime,very rare, can let myself smoke one sigarette or share one drink with my friends, but I try to do it imperceptibly, to not to present bad example .

5. Tell us how street workout is growing now in Estonia? What are your main goals and future plans in Estonia?

It started to move on now in Estonia! This summer we wait brand new courts and parks! Also we have Estonian SW Championship coming this summer , which will define Who is going to participate in WSWC 2013 in Riga. Our main goal is to let all Estonian people know about Workout,that it exist and it has its own advantage and preferenses. We will try to do our best to build Street Workout parks in every city in our country and,of course,we would like to make indoor chalisthenic-workout gym,like you can see in Kazahstan.

6. We know that you are a big fan of watching street workout videos on YouTube. Which is your favorite one?

Day after day I watch less videos . Worthy and qualified videos is hard to find,basicly it’s the same story,people do the same things and it’s boring. My favourite one is with GIANT ,he has incredible power and grace doing pull up’s till waist. In the same video appears Beast , who kills the bar with some interesting stuff as well !

7. You are good in handstands on 3 and 2 fingers. Do you think a handstand on 1 finger would be possible for you?

Absolutely possible! I can’t say when wright now , but in a small period of time you all will see it.

8. You are only 18 years old and you have already achieved really good results in street workout. For sure you are now thinking about your future plans. Do you already know where you see yourself in 10 years?

Honest with you shall I be. I did’nt thought about it. Now I have a lot of approtunities. In the mean-while I can’t define who I want to be, but one thing I can say, there will be loved wife and lovely child beside me! Also, I will proseed, I’ll be occupied with Street Workout, because I can’t imagine my life without it!

9. Tell us the funniest street workout related story that happened to you.
This story isn’t really related to Workout,it’s more about things that happen in life some time.
When I was fourteen I went to the beach with some older friends of mine,we bought some shampagne, I was only one , who didn’t reached 18 years old. We sit on a beach beside the pull up bar. Very soon appear police car, I didn’t run anywhere and I recieve a fine,all that was filmed . After 3 years ,allready a sportsman I got a call from one of my friends saying – ” I just saw a movie about youth alcogolism , and I saw you there.” It was so funny. Tell you a truth , that pull up bar became my favourite one now and for all this years.

10. What would you wish to all those guys who have just started doing street workout?
I would like to wish you everybody SUCCESS! If you just getting started to do some Workout ,that means you step on the right way and you are about to see how it will change you and your life! Try hard to stay execly who you are and do not repeat what others do! Do your best, don’t be hooked up by idea to be better than your classmate or friend! Watch the videos of the best athletes and try to be better than they are! But better than anything : Don’t look for a videos , don’t watch it at all , just do what you like , rather than doing something that gives you points!