Interview with John Thijm

1.Your team is well known in Europe and other parts of the world. Do you have team representatives in other countries besides the Netherlands?

We are a young team just started back in 2010 and for now we only have our team in the Netherlands, Amsterdam. In future we are going to expand in more countries.

2. Why Bar Monsterz? You look like nice people, definitely not like monsters…

Yes, we aren`t Monsterz we are very kind people and willing to help other people. but when it comes to touching the bar we become Monsterz and to become one in Amsterdam we have a Monsterz requirement..

3. You live in Amsterdam and surely you know what reputation this city has. Is there anything you would like to change in your city?

My neighborhood has a lott of violence that is definitely one thing that we wanna bring back. And what we need here are more workout parks to help the people stay fit. And grow strong in there body and mind.

4. How do you see the future of street workout in your country and do you think it will be as popular as fitness, professional sports or perhaps a social movement?

I see this movement of street workout already growing in country. I if it will get more familiar it would explode here. And there will be competitions all over netherland

5. How did it feel seeing yourself in the broadcast of World Street Workout Championship on Eurosport 2? I’m pretty sure you impressed a lot of people in Europe and CIS countries with that crazy move you did.

It felt quit nice to be on Eurosport and had the same tension as the competition it self i was really excited. And also honored because I’m pretty new in the game and then to be broadcasted on Eurosport is awesome.

6. Do you use any nutrition supplements and do you think it is necessary for street workout athletes?

I use some supplements myself. Like multivitamins, omega 369, and sometimes a wey protein shake. What it think its not necessary to use supplements because if you eat enough you can get it al from your food. For me i take it because sometimes i don’t have the time to eat the vuleu proteins that i need to recover fast so i can workout the next day or after

7. How did you become fit enough to do street workout – are you currently doing some other type of sports or perhaps you have done something else previously?

I think any one can do street workout because it is al natural movements. There is a will there is always a way. For me i did fitness in the gym for 2 or 3 years and as a young kid i did gymnastics for a couple of years so i think gymnastics helped me out with my flexibility on the bar now. But as a said any one could jump into street workout as long if you start with the basic

8. What would you wish to the guys who have just started doing street workout?

I wish all the guys who just started the best and good luck keep continuing with the sport so the will inspire people as well to workout and it will become bigger and bigger.