Full Name: Jarryd Rubinstein
Nickname: Jaz
Age: 30
Country: Born/raised in Sydney, Australia; however currently living in Johannesburg, South Africa

Youtube Channel:

Time doing street workout: 9 years
Important events:
Guinness World Record for most consecutive muscle ups since January 2010
Team: Bar-Barians
Team website or fan page:

How did you get involved in the street workout world?
I commence weight training at the age of 16. At 21 years I enrolled and was accepted into one of the most elite Israeli commando units. Calisthenics was a vital part of our training and I quickly discovered I had a strong power to weight ratio. Following my service, I consistently improved on my strength and refrained from reverting to weights.

Why did you choose to practice street workout?
It is the healthy option. Calisthenics has potent functional and core benefits versus weight training. The pros are innumerable.

When I originally started calisthenics, people could not understand how I could complete an entire workout simply using a bar. As street workout is gaining popularity at an exponential rate, more and more individuals are realising that by going back to basics, the results can be overwhelmingly positive.

How is street workout reflected in your life?
I will never miss a workout. I am an ardent believer in dedication, determination and consistency. Nothing in life worth anything of substance comes easy. It is a mantra I apply to all areas of my life; from my workouts to my career to my relationships.

I travel a lot for work and always carry a mobile pullup bar and some cables so I can workout anywhere. I like to get my workouts done first thing in the morning, however if I’m unable, I’d rather miss an hour of sleep and get a workout done at the end of the day. I’m obsessive; I have on occasions completed workouts at 3am after boozing with clients .

What are your short term, mid term and long term goals with street workout?
I am an advocate of consistent improvement and ensuring I am a better person than I was yesterday. My goals are to ensure I am consistently at the same level as the best guys in the industry (even if I am not continually posting videos).

How many times do you workout during the week?
6 days per week

Do you have any specific workout plan or you just improvise and do your thing?
1 day cardio (running/skipping) / 5 days calisthenics (set routines)

Which would be the most complex move you achieved (tell us about the process it took you, to achieve it)?
I do not focus on “freestyle”; I am not planning on joining the circus. My routines focus on perfect technique coupled with high repetitions i.e. real strength/power.

Muscle ups are obviously my favourite exercise.

Which would be the best experience you had doing street workout?
Difficult to pinpoint a single event. I have been fortunate enough to travel substantially and partake in some exciting experiences;

–       Entering the Guinness World Records for most consecutive muscle ups in Bondi Beach, Australia
–       Training with the Bar-Barians in NYC. Definitely the strongest guys I have experienced
–       Performing with the biggest names in Tel Aviv, Israel in front of a large crowd

What inspire or motivate you to keep on doing street workout?
Health. I can assure you I will still have a chiseled physique when I’m 50.

Which would be the worst experience you had doing street workout?
Haters, but I have learnt to thrive off it. Success invariably brings jealousy. When you are good at something, when you are the top 1%, there will always be ignorant fools who criticise – it is simply a reflection of their own self esteem. I get excited when someone tells me I cannot do something, it is the fuel to the fire which drives me.

In anything I have ever achieved in life, there have always been those who have ridiculed me. Whether it was being accepted to the commandos, or entering the Guinness World Records or achieving milestones in my career. I smile at them inside and have consistently been the last one laughing.

What do you expect from the street workout community in the next couple of years?
Exponential growth/popularity. It is definitely at the forefront of the fitness industry.

Can you give advice for all the people that would like to start doing street workout?
Once you make that decision to start, never miss a workout. Be consistent and always push yourself to achieve more than you did yesterday.

Share some words to inspire the community:
Never give up. Always push the limits. Nothing of substance ever comes easy.