Full Name: Dramitinos Georgios
Age: 23
Country: Greece

Facebook (fan page or profile):
Youtube Channel:

Time doing street workout: 1 year and 6 months
Important events (ex.: local or international championships):
Street Workout World Championship 2013 Riga, Latvia

How did you get involved in the street workout world?
I always interested in the world of sports. That’s why I studied sports science. When I was about to finish my studies and I was looking for a sport  that I could  express myself 100%. I was looking for something close to gymnastics  with more  freedom  of choice on elements and a judging system overall performance, not only judged  by strictly execution on everything  and no self creativity. Then on December 2012  I watched on Eurosport 2 a sport called street workout. From this moment I said to myself. THIS IS MY SPORT!

Why did you choose to practice street workout?
At the beginning it was something cool and really an effective way to workout. Now is something different that’s really hard to explain with words. The things you can achieve with hard work, faith and patience are amazing!

How is street workout reflected in your life?
Street workout has reflected in my life physically and mentally. It gives me strength, self    confidence and the ability to overcome my fears.

What are your short term, mid term and long term goals with street workout?
My short term goal is to get ready for the 2014 World Championship in Moscow.
Mid term goal is to make a Greek association and an official team that will work with WSCF to promote the sport.
Long term goal is to grow up the community at international level and  let the people know the History of calisthenics back from  the birthplace.

How many times do you workout during the week?
6-7 time the week.

Do you have any specific workout plan or you just improvise and do your thing?
I am trying to practice all muscle groups focusing on strength and coordination. But sometimes I just do my thing.

Which would be the most complex move you achieved (tell us about the process it took you, to achieve it)?
90’ degree pushups and planche  was 2 of the most complex moves I have ever achieved so far. I was doing a lot of pushups variations like (diamonds, pseudo, incline, decline etc.).Also I was concentrated on abs and core exercises like : plank, windshield wipers and levers . Dips  and pull ups at least 2 times a week. When I was working outside I was practicing muscle ups and human flag a lot too. It took me like 3 months of hard work to perform this 2 moves.

Which would be the best experience you had doing street workout?
Street workout world championship 2013 in Riga Latvia was the best experience so far. I have met lot of great people back then and experienced lot of different styles.

What inspire or motivate you to keep on doing street workout?
Myself and the thinks I can achieve. The inner strength that I gain from doing what I love the most. The fact that I can find out my limits and overcome them.

Which would be the worst experience you had doing street workout?
An injury that I had and knocked me out for 2 months.

What do you expect from the street workout community in the next couple of years?
To grow up in numbers and Street workout becomes an Olympic sport.

Can you give an advise for all the people that would like to start doing street workout?
Work hard, Stay humble, Be patient and don’t give up on your dreams!

Share some words to inspire the community:
Work, workout anytime any place. Work like you never had before and your body will follow. Patience is the key and shoulders is the passkey to success in this sport be careful in what you are doing!