Interview with Edward Checo

Enjoy the interview with the one and only Eduard Checo

Hi Ed! Give us some information about yourself in traditional from.

Hello, My name is Eduard Checo. I am the CEO and founder of Barstarzz. I created Barstarzz back in 2009. Since then Barstarzz has gone global with members all over the world including Sweden, Mexico, Russia and many other countries. I love to workout and I love to help people which are why Barstarzz is a perfect match for me. I am a videographer / personal trainer; I play around with Photography, Mma, and modeling. I like to have fun.


How far do you see your team Barstarzz in future?

I see Barstarzz growing everyday bigger and better. This is a lifestyle for us, not a part time fad. We are always working hard to keep the ball moving. We are planning more events, making more videos, making new clothes, and helping people plain and simple. We are always open to suggestions from are fans to provide them with what they need or want.


What is the most important value in your life?

The most important values in my life are Loyalty, honesty, integrity, love, and compassion.


Would you like to set a world record?  If so, then what kind of?

I am not looking to win any world record. I am more into having fun with my training, if I were to train for a world record I think it will take the fun out of it. Only world record I would like to hold is most fun during workout record or showing the most love.


What are you doing except workout? Do you experience in other sports (I’ve heard something about MMA)?

I trained MMA for 1 year and around 2-3 months. I was training to fight professionally but then Barstarzz blew up so I got more carried away with that. In the future I would like to experience a professional fight though at least once. I like to film a lot and make videos. It’s a great hobby. Also I like to travel and see new stuff, meet new people.


Are you internet/PC games addictive?

No. I think video games aren’t the greatest thing in the world. So much stuff to do in this world and to waste your time on a digital land is a robbery. You have the chance to do so much with your limited time, use it wisely. Instead of experiencing digital fun you can go outside and enjoy real fun, have real experiences that you can look back to one day and relive them with a smile on your face.


You’ve travelled a lot since last year. Would you like to move to other country for living?

To be honest I have considered it. I love the way Eastern Europe embraced street workout so much. I would love to live in any of the countries where street workout is big. But at the same time I would love to be able to do the same here In the United States. I want to bring that love for workout here to the U.S. But you never know, until then I expect to visit East Europe often for the next couple of years. Shout out to all my Eastern Europe guys!


How do you celebrate Christmas?

We don’t really celebrate Christmas lol. We will probably call the team up and do something together. I also want to give away some gifts for the fans and maybe a charity. So stay tuned we will be announcing something in the future about that.


What is your life motto/credo?

Go hard or go home. I feel like with everything you do put your all into it. Don’t look back and be upset cause you only half assed it. Do whatever you do with full force. Go for it!!

Thank you Max for conducting the interview. All my fans please support the World Street Workout Championship. I worked with them several times and they are all great people, with great intentions for the community as a whole. Peace