Full Name: Denis Tomkutonis

Age: 23

Country: Lithuania


Facebook (fan page or profile):

Youtube Channel:


Time doing street workout: 4 years

Important events (ex.: local or international championships):

Street Workout World Championship 2011 Riga, Latvia

Street workout World championship 2012 Riga, Latvia

Baltic championship 2012 Ventspils, Latvia

FIWC (First International World Championship) Moscow, Russia 2012 Moscow, Russia

Street workout World cup stage 2013 Madrid, Spain

Baltic championship 2013 Ventspils, Latvia

Team: Project Mayhem

Team website or fan page:



How did you get involved in the street workout world?
From the first videos I saw on Youtube back in 2010. The very first video I saw was classic HFK video. At that moment I thought the skills he was demonstrating were not that difficult, went outside to try to replicate them and I failed. But I was so impressed by the moves he was doing that I just stuck to bodyweight training and continue it ever since.

Why did you choose to practice street workout?
Before street workout, I was a very active kid and I did succeed in other sports. But all of those were more endurance sports, rather than strength. So at the beginning, it was really hard for me, as I didn’t have any strength base to complete a muscle up. So I saw it as a challenge, and I always like to challenge myself. That’s how I chose to stay doing street workout.

How is street workout reflected in your life?
It had and has (and probably will have) a major impact on my life. Not only do I have an opportunity to travel the world and meet lots and lots of interesting and fun people, but I also do get to inspire local kids and youth. And over the past 2 years, I was getting much more satisfaction from organizing local events building the local community and doing performances.

Apart from that, I do get to work with successful local individuals on different creative, social and media events and I find it also very challenging and interesting.

What are your short term, mid term and long term goals with street workout?
Way too many goals, individual and as a team member. Can’t give them out, sorry.

How many times do you workout during the week?
It depends on my mood. Usually 5 times a week.

Do you have any specific workout plan or you just improvise and do your thing?
If you could call it a plan – every beginning of a workout session I do freestyle sets, trying new moves and at the end I usually put on weight vest and do basic exercises – pull ups, dips, push ups, squats.

Which would be the most complex move you achieved (tell us about the process it took you, to achieve it)?
One arm handstand. I mean, I still struggle at it and have some bad days when I totally fail at it. But this  move is by far the most demanding move I ever attempted to achieve. But you do get to learn a lot about your body and balance while you’re learning it.

Which would be the best experience you had doing street workout?
Spring of 2014, I think it was in April. Our team had a performance at one of the hip-hip dance events. There were about 1000 people inside. Everyone went NUTS during our performance. Never had so much power and adrenaline.

What inspire or motivate you to keep on doing street workout?
My life is surrounded by street workout. I don’t need any extra-outer-motivation to continue to do what I do. I am fully committed to this “lifestyle” and I embrace every moment of it.

Which would be the worst experience you had doing street workout?
Having injuries is always an unpleasant experience.

What do you expect from the street workout community in the next couple of years?
I hope it will finally start shaping itself into a proper professional sports with one united set of rules (in competitions). There is still a lot of work to be done here. I also expect it to grow bigger and better. More strong athletes, more events, more opportunities for those, who put in the hours and workout.

Can you give an advise for all the people that would like to start doing street workout?
Start from basics, don’t get fooled by the elements you see in the internet. Also, find local people who training, they will help you during the first stage and will motivate you by their own example. Street workout community is one of the nicest communities there is, everyone is very helpful.