Interview with Daniels Laizāns before the World Street Workout Championship 2014 in Moscow

Athlete Information:
Name: Daniels Laizāns
Age: 14
Country: Latvia

What is your daily routine?
My day begins with a little workout before school, to feel much better and make the day successful. After the school I do my home works, and the rest of the day I usually spend on training.

Tell us something about your experience?
I have been doing street workout almost 2 years, I have participated and won in local competitions and we show street workout performances with our team all around the country. I am working out almost every day, and I’m trying not to miss a single training.

Do you prefer to work in a team or individually?
I am mostly training together with my team mates or friends, because it’s more fun. But more I like working out alone, because then you can fully focus on yourself, set higher goals, and train harder. When I’m in a group, I have to pay more attention to others. So I prefer working out by myself.

What’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you since you start doing street workout?
That I have accomplished and improved so much in such a relatively short period of time.

What has been one of your greatest accomplishment as an bar athlete?
Getting in 1st place in Latvian Street Workout Championship and qualifying to World Street Workout Championship in Moscow 2014.

What’s your most memorable moment?
Becoming a Latvian Street Workout champion, of course.

Do you have any rituals or a mantra that you use to pump yourself up before a competition?
No, I fully relax my body and think about executing my performance.

How do you mentally prepare yourself to do such complicated routines before you compete?
I just stay focused and positive. I redo all the routine in my head, to succeed and do not fail.

Do you think Street Workout should be an Olympic sport and if so why?
Yes, for sure. Because in this kind of sport athletes can show off their skill, strength and creativity.

What do you expect from World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation in future?
I expect the street workout popularization as a sport, and also involving more and more people into street workout plus more competitions around the world.

This Street Workout World Championship will be national champions from 65 different countries. How would you rate your chanches to be a world champion?
Impossible is nothing! Every athlete will show his best, and then we will see the result.

What’s next for Daniels? Competitions? Hard Moves?
I will compete in any upcoming street workout competitions for sure, and will be training for more planche variations, and improve my handstands.

Any advices for someone who wants or his goal is to compete on Street Workout World Championship?
You can always find an excuse when it comes to exercise, but only hard work brings you to the best results. And be creative, because creativity will help you get the win in every competition.

What can you say to all the participants before the championship?
Be confident and stay positive. Always work hard, because perseverance is key to success.