Information about World Freestyle Championship in Moscow



Street Workout Freestyle World Championship will happen in one day on 8th of September.

Competition starts at 10:00 in the morning with qualification rounds of all participants. Qualification round will be 2 minutes for each participant. 20 male and 5 female athletes will qualify to Final round and will have 3 minutes for their performance.

Competition place is Kenguru Pro playground at Luzhniki Olympis Sports complex in Moscow. The same location as World Championship 2015 and 2016.

LIVE STREAM on 8th of September starting from 10:00 (Moscow time) in the morning on WSWCF Academy Facebook and Instagram page. TOP 3 winners will receive a free education (worth USD 1300) at WSWCF Academy.


Toms Gelzis (Latvia)

Makar Zubkov (Estonia)

Nik Anisimov (Russia)

Nordin El Emelyahy (Spain)

Miguel Malyourga (Chile)

Sergey Smirnov (Russia)