Dear members of the WSWCF…

Dear members of the World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation!

In the recent year we have been discredited and disparaged by a local Netherland’s organization The Calisthenics Club, which has fallacy and unprofessionally impersonated themselves as the new international street workout and calisthenics governing organization.

As the International federation of the street workout and calisthenics sport, we, the WSWCF, would like to announce that we do not recognize them nor as an international street workout and calisthenics organization, nor as a member of the WSWCF.

After the foundation of the WSWCF on 2011 there were many organizations pretending to be the real street workout and calisthenics organizations by using everything that the WSWCF has developed in many years within hard work. They were using all our contacts and information about members to lure them away from the WSWCF. They were also using our biggest sport stars and members, which have developed under the WSWCF umbrella. 

WSWCF is not of an opinion, that other organizations or movements should not act with a purpose to develop street workout and calisthenics. This is rather necessary from one part. However, the way that The Calisthenics Club is acting, is completely unacceptable. They are acting as if the WSWCF has done nothing in this sport and as if the WSWCF does not exist and as if there is no-one to develop this sport internationally. They are misleading our existing members behind our back by sending them letters to inform that the WSWCF is not doing anything in the street workout and calisthenics development to become an internationally recognized sport or even an Olympic sport.

In last 10 years the WSWCF has made and developed this sport itself as a sport internationally. WSWCF has developed competition rules, judgement rules, has held world championships, world cups annually and throughout the year. Within many years of hard work, we have developed WSWCF academy for coaches and judges, which is an educational branch of the WSWCF with serious educational programs. Many coaches and judges have not only gone thru this educational institution, but have also built their own infrastructures as professionally recognized coaches or judges. We have developed all of this together with the best athletes in the world.

In 2019 street workout can calisthenics as a sport was officially recognized in the Republic of Latvia, thus Latvian Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation is the official curator of this sport in Latvia. The same country where the WSWCF is officially headquartered. This is the rooting country, where street workout has developed as a true sport internationally. Many don’t know this, but during the process of recognition of this sport in Latvia, the WSWCF was officially recognized as an official international street workout and calisthenics federation by laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia and European Union, as well as in accordance with international sport principles, conventions and charters. This is a unique occasion in sport.

This was the ultimate moment, from which the WSWCF started its road to full street workout and calisthenics recognition all around the world. We had it all planned and this is it. Already at the moment many countries in the European Union and all around the world have been provided by all the necessary help from the WSWCF and our Latvian members to use this as a unique example, where an international federation has been recognized throughout the world by law, not only by customs of the sport. We hope that many others will use our help and allege to our proposal.

We are actively developing this sport and already communicating with the major international sport organizations – GAISF and WADA – to reach out for an agreement as soon as possible within nearest years. We have been doing this for 10 years already. We are not a club, nor a school – we are something bigger, an international street workout and calisthenics organization with members all around the world.

The Calisthenics club is using what we have built with efforts of hard work for more than 10 years already. They are doing tis without developing it from zero, thus acting behind our backs.

We do not accept and recognize our members as members of the Calisthenics Club. We are against any cooperation of our members with this organization.

One must understand, a sport on an international scale cannot be developed in few years. It is a hard work to develop traditions, rules, infrastructure, members and official recognition of the sport throughout the world. We are establishing strong roots of this sport and we will continue to do that to reach the most from a global perspective, including Olympic games one day.

Yours sincerely,

World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation