Types and differences of the main WSWCF competitions

WSWCF is the only organization in the world globally developing street workout and calisthenics sport and movement. Every December the WSWCF asks for feedback from all of its members and followers about the competition rules, regulations, judging and the work of the WSWCF in general. WSWCF carefully analyses all the feedback and, taking it into account, improves competition rules, regulations, judging and the work of the WSWCF in general for the next season.

At the moment, the WSWCF actively organizes events in two main categories of street workout and calisthenics:

  • Street workout and calisthenics freestyle
  • Street workout and calisthenics power and strength

Types and specific differences of the WSWCF freestyle competitions

1) Street Workout National Championships. These competitions take place annually and are organized by the WSWCF member organizations of different countries. In every country the competitions are organized with the same rules, which are published at the start of a season. The competitions are organized in the freestyle category, where each participant is given time in two rounds to show their best performance to three judges. Static elements’ judge, dynamic elements’ judge and element combinations’ judge. The participants of the National Championships are local athletes and the male and female winners of the National Championships obtain National Champions’ titles and have the right to represent their countries in the annual Street Workout Freestyle World Championship. The main goal of this competition is to give the athletes of every country the same possibility to qualify for the Street Workout Freestyle World Championship. 

2) Street Workout Freestyle World Championship. This competition takes place annually and is organized by the WSWCF. The winners of the National Championships participate in the World Championship and compete for the title of the Freestyle World Champion. The competition takes place in the freestyle category, where every participant performs in the qualification round in front of six qualified judges. Two static elements’ judges, two dynamic elements’ judges and two element combinations’ judges. After the qualification round, it is determined which participants go to the final round, where participants perform in front of the same judges.

3) WSWCF ACADEMY Street Workout World Cup. This competition takes place annually and is divided into qualification stages and a Super Final. At the moment, the competition takes place only between male participants. Usually, throughout the year there are around 20 World Cup stages, the winners of which qualify for the World Cup Super Final, which takes place at the end of the year. The World Cup stages are organized by the WSWCF together with its partner organizations, which mostly are the WSWCF official members. Every stage of the World Cup is considered to be an international competition and the participants are selected based on their previous competition experience and honours or titles, or if athletes without extensive competition experience qualify from the online competition. 

The main difference between the World Cup and the World Championship is:

  • In addition to the three street workout and calisthenics element judges, the participants are evaluated by a style judge. In the World Championship the performance of the elements is the most important. In the World Cup it is also important to work on the viewers and be very good at entertaining.
  • Participants have one qualification round, and, after this round, ten of the best athletes go to the second round, where they are divided into pairs and the athletes have to compete with each other in pairs in street workout and calisthenics freestyle battles. The winner of every battle qualifies for the final round, where top five athletes also compete with each other in a battle competition format.
  • These competitions were created with the goal to once a year provide an opportunity for all the active street workout and calisthenics regions of the world to host large-scale international competitions. It was not enough to have just one Street Workout Freestyle World Championship once a year at the same place. The interest that was shown about this sport and the organizing of large-scale international competitions was huge, which is why a system was created to provide the parallel organization of Street Workout Freestyle World Championship and the Street Workout World Cup in the same season. Like it is in other types of sports, for example, biathlon or bobsleigh.

The winner of the World Cup receives the World Cup title.

Types of WSWCF Power and Strength competitions

For now, WSWCF organizes Street Workout Power and Strength World Championship only once a year. It is a competition to determine the World Champions in such categories:

  • Street Workout Power category. It consists of a triple combination, in which the participants have to perform three power elements all for the maximum number of repetitions with added extra weights. The winner is considered to be the participant who can perform the largest number of exercise repetitions in total of all three elements.
  • Street Workout Strength category. It consists of different exercises, and the participants have to perform a set number of repetitions without any extra weight. Only those exercise repetitions, which are done correctly, are accepted and counted, and the winner is the participant, who has performed all of the exercises in the shortest amount of time.

Future plans for the WSWCF competitions


World Bar Games will take place once in several years and this event will consist of different categories of street workout and calisthenics competitions. 

The competition ideas and concepts are being developed.