Changes on Freestyle Street Workout World Championships

Effectively this year, the following changes are imposed on Freestyle Street Workout World Championships.

1. Coordinator
WSWCF board announces the appointment of Bahador Razaghi as chief coordinator of Freestyle Street Workout World Championship 2020.
All the National and Member organizers are required to contact him via his contacts below:
WhatsApp: +989122387644

2. National championships
It should be noted, due to the current pandemic (COVID-19) the National Championships can be postponed to the month of June 2020. On the other hand, only if the country’s sports events are still suspended, the National stage organizers can turn the event into an Online event.
Additionally, the Online Freestyle National Championship Rules and Regulations will be on the website ( by end of March 2020.

3. Visa
As some of you might know, every year there are athletes who struggle with attaining Russian visa. Also, Russian Sports Ministry’s invitations, telex codes and etc. will only be released at the very last minute.
Therefore, we highly recommend you to apply for a tourist visa if you don’t want to deal with any stress.

4. Flight tickets
In spite of the current Pandemic, it is very important not to waste a flight ticket. It is suggested to book/buy a Refundable flight ticket or a flight ticket which the Airline deducts very less (i.e 10%-15% max) from the ticket price upon the cancellation.

5. Insurance
The same thing with flight tickets goes with the insurance. It can be better to get an insurance which doesn’t charge you if you don’t happen to travel.

Further detailed information is provided on the World Calisthenics and Street Workout Federation (WSWCF):