Best street workout park equipment kenguru Pro

KENGURU PRO is the world’s leading outdoor / street workout sports equipment manufacturer Since 2009. KENGURU PRO workout sports grounds are designed in respect of global experience and suggestions of professional athletes. Our design is the best in the market and the equipment is distinguished with the quality and usability what is confirmed by customers. More than 300 fully equipped KENGURU PRO parks have been build all over the world. KENGURU PRO also deals with outdoor sports and healthy lifestyle promotion worldwide, by supporting spots events like Street Workout World Cup and World Championship and global social projects like World Pull-Up Day.

KENGURU PRO equipment is certified by TUV Reinland and acknowledged by World Street Workout & Calisthenics Federation

All KENGURU PRO equipment parts are manufactured and assembled in EU ensuring best possible quality of each equipment peace.

More information on individual orders and opportunity to become an official dealer in your country may be obtained by contacting us via email:

What is outdoor / street workout?

Outdoor / street workout is a training complex carried out with one’s own body weight which is performed outdoors using special outdoor / street workout equipment. The intensity and variety of available exercises allow creating and maintaining a strong body and great physical shape

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