Ákos Szarka from Hungary joins WSWCF as Head of Freestyle Judging and Rules’ panel

Mr. Ákos Szarka joins World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation as the Head of Freestyle Judging and Rules’ panel.
Ákos is CEO of Hungarian Street Workout & Calisthenics. He has been a high level freestyle athlete, participating in WSWCF competitions for many years and taking the podium. He is also a professionally certified trainer and currently owns his own calisthenics and street workout gym “Tight Hold Workout”. He will be working with WSWCF to develop freestyle rules, regulations and judging system. He will be also the Head Judge of Freestyle in the upcoming World Championship in August. We are delighted to have him on our team! Soon respective members, coaches and athletes will be gathered together by Ákos Szarka and our General Director Bahador Razaghi in order to work on development of freestyle rules and judging.