About Street Workout World Championship and plans for 2015.

As you all know, Street Workout World Championship 2014 happened this year in Moscow and collected best street workout athletes from 56 countries. This already was fourth World Championship organized by World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation (WSWCF) since 2011. WSWCF not only has organized the World Championship but also managed to organize with it’s member organizations in each country a National championship as a selection to World Championship. All athletes were selected by united rules and system.

Next year WSWCF will organize freestyle Street Workout World Championship 2015 again in Moscow and is planing to host strongest athletes from all street workout active countries organizing a National championships and selecting best athletes to come to Moscow. Also Street Workout World Championship for ladies will be organized together with men competition so next year World Championship will be a two days event. First day Semi-final for men and second day Final round for men and women.

Street Workout World Cup 2015 will have 22 stages in all continents all over the World

World Pull-Up Day in September 2015 Worldwide

First ever World Championship for power competitions online and Final will take place in November 2015 in Curacao.

WSWCF event season this year is closed. We wish you all a pleasant relax and happy upcoming festive season, take care and get ready for the next season 2015.